2013 in Peru

Begining the Adventure: Copperwoman and her friend Gwen in Peru Jan. 21-23

Marys for Mary Lima Airport

Our apartment: Hostal Renacimiento Jan. 24-26

Streets of Peru Jan. 23-24

Pisaq Jan. 27

Visiting my Spoon Lady again

Video of Children in the streets of Cuzco

CircleSong in Cuzco

Templo de La Luna 1.31.13

Changing the Altar near our apartment 1.31.13

Bus to Puno 2.1.13

Cutimbo 2.2.13

Puno Festival de la Virgen de la Candelaria 2.3.13

Aramu Muru/Puerta Sagrada/Sacred Doorway 2.4.13

Bus home from Puno 2.5.13

Chinchero Walk 2.11.13 Story and pictures

Wisdom of the Ancestors: Song from Aramu Muru Doorway

January-March, 2011 in Peru

San Francisco to Iquitos Jan. 14-16

First Views Iquitos Jan. 16

La Selva

The Kids in Iquitos

The Beautiful Work in Iquitos

The Moray Ruins with Breeze

Peru Travels October-December, 2009

Peru Blog 2009 2.1 Arriving in Cusco for Halloween etc.

Peru Blog 2009 2.2 The Quero Indios

Peru Blog 2009 2.3 Casa de Milagros (this album is on facebook)

Peru Blog 2009 2.4 Scenes of Cusco

Peru Blog 2009 2.5 Stairways to Heaven

Peru Blog 2009 2.6 Pisaq Ruins

Peru Blog 2009 2.x The Cave (this album is on facebook)

Peru Blog 2009 2.7 Chinchero Market

Peru Blog 2009 2.8 Tambomachay

Peru Blog 2009 2.9 Temple of the Moon

Peru blog 2009 2.10 Chinchero Walk (the pictures are on facebook)

Peru blog 2009 2.11 Rainbow Over plaza de Armas, Cusco (the pictures are on facebook)

Peru and Brazil January-February, 2009

1.14.09 Flying to Peru via El Salvador

1.15-17.09 Lima

1.17-24.09 Mancora, una playa del Norte

1.24.09 Mancora Sunsets

1.25.09 More Mancora

1.30.09 Brazillan Visa

2.2.09 Cuzco, At Last!

Word Blog (no pictures) 2.5.09-

2.7.09 Cuzco Pictures

3.1.09 Back to the Blog

The Bus to Puno Feb. 7, 2009

Fesitval de la Virgen de la Candelaria Puno 2.8.09

Qorikancha with Musi and Ric 2.13.09

The Ruins at Tipon 2.15.09

Jump to Brazil 3.13.09

Matutu 3.14.09

A Few More Scenes from Matutu 4.1.09

The Magic of Matutu Delivers Me to São Paulo 4.2.09

In São Paulo Singing to Laboring Women 4.3.09

Backtracking in the Blog to Post More Pictures of Peru

Saqsaywaman 2.19.09

Chinchero 2.21.09

2008 in Peru

1.28.08 Flying to Peru

1.31.08 Lima

2.6.08 Lima to Puno via Juliaca

2.2.08 La Fiesta de la Virgen de la Candelaria in Puno

2.5.08 Sillustani and Sacred Buriel Grounds

2.10.08 More pictures from La Fiesta de la Virgen in Puno

2.4.08 The Uros on Lake Titicaca

2.10.08 Arriving in Cusco on Feb. 6

2.22.08 Paró in Cusco

2.22.08 Las Mujeres, My Inspiration

3.6.08 Pisac Ruins

3.15.08 The Inka Trail Part 1

The Jungle side of the Inca Trail

Ruins Along the Inca Trail

Flowers on the Inca Trail

Bridges on the Inca Trail

Machu Picchu 3.10.08

3.28.08 Homeward Bound