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3.6.08 Pisac Ruins

Tomorrow I take off for the Inca Trail. At first I was going to go for Spring Equinox but there was no room for those dates. The trip was moved to March 14. And now, it has been moved to the 7th in order to not get caught in the Paro (strike) that is set to happen for 72 hours next week. I will return Monday, the day before it is set to happen.

I may be the oldest and one of few women on this trip. At the orientation meeting the guide asked my age, congratulated me and announced to the other guys from Sweden, that "mom is here." Ok, you'll carry my sleeping bag and pad, I accept the position.

The pictures below are the Ruins above Pisac. I have visited many ruins lately and have so many pictures to share, but I have chosen to start with these. I better get them up before going to Machu Picchu and considering how long it's been since I have posted anything.

I got an email from Jared who lives in Garberville. He heard from someone that I was in Cuzco. Our timing was good and we did this trip to the Pisac Ruins together. Thus, in this series, there will be pictures of me.

Looking down the valley from the site of the Ruins. We took a taxi to the top on the road shown above.

Agricultural terraces.

Looking like Friant, CA in the spring.

They were masters at channeling the water from the Andes.
I knew
there was a light
at the end of the tunnel!

Jared and I with the use of my tripod and automatic timer.

The Temple of the Sun.

More of the incredible Incan water system.

Notice how the stones were built upon a base of naturally occurring rock.

We walked back down the hill into the town of Pisac after visiting the ruins. It was so incredible to be standing on the terraces I had only seen from afar. The concentrated area of white is the Pisac Market in a big plaza. You can see the tops of the vendor's booths.