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Perched on a rock above Tambomachay looking down. A funny thing happened when I descended this rock. A new bus-load of kids from a school landed at the ruins. As I was leaving, they asked to pose with me and they took pictures of themselves with the "Californian." This was the first time this happened in Peru and it actually happened 2 more times, at Sacsawayman and Ollantaytambo. "Where's my sole, I would ask, after the picture"--which is what a Peruvian would demand of me if I took their picture. Never got paid, though.

Tambomachay was built around 1500 A.D. and known as "The Baths of the Princess." Two aqueducts provide spring water all year round.

Here is the main fountain with two channels that were used as ceremonial streams, as the water was worshiped as the source of life.

It always amazes me how they built their walls incorporating the natural rock formations.