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Temple of the Moon

Photos cannot capture the beauty I see around me in the countryside here, but I continue to try and show it. This is in the area of the Temple of the Moon near Sacsawayman.

See the plowed fields? The man plowing this field is actually in this picture and the one above. Clue: see where the plowed part on the right is next to the green, unplowed part? that is where you will find the man in his blue shirt. (tiny)

The sheep are coming in for the day, here, and below.

The mamacha and her dog, the sheep herders.

A bit closer.

Inside a cave at the Temple of the Moon. This cave was awesome.

View looking back out.

Peruvian wild flowers. It is spring here now, although you wouldn't know it by how cold it is and how much it has been raining.

Met these llamas on the way back to town.