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Scenes of Cusco

I watched a man with a camera shooting in this direction as I was taking another shot. I walked over to where he was and saw what he saw. There he is on the right side of the street walking away.

The main square, the Plaza de Armas. Nice place to sit on a bench, as you can see.

One sunny day, a new friend, Estaban and I played music in this long inka wall walkway. The kids came out from the courtyard and joined us. We all had a lot of fun together playing and singing. They especially liked our instruments.

Notice one of the kids looking intently at my songbook. He was especially good with the drum and kept a beat right away. The kid in the orange shirt was more of a singer, in fact he sang us some songs.

This was amazing. One minute, there was no rain and within a few more minutes the street looked like this. There is an unusual amount of rain for this time of year in Cusco.

Here the people are sweeping up the water from in front of their shops after the rain.

A view from above.

The Peruvians can eat a lot of food. A woman sitting across from me ordered the same thing and finished almost all of it. Me, no way--I ate what I could. This was a plate of food from the market with trout, frijoles, rice and potatoes, 9 soles, about $3.

My view for lunch, 2 babies in boxes.