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March 1, 2009
Too Much To Do To Keep Up the Blog

Being in Cuzco for the second time is a whole different story. I came back to friends here. I did so much shopping last year, that I am not so interested this time. However, I have taken on a project. So many people asked about the pocket belt I made last year that I have been buying the materials and trying to get my friend to help with the sewing.

I brought my Baby Taylor guitar this time and have been playing music with friends. Songs are coming through and I am really enjoying it all.

In addition, I have had plenty of work to do on the computer, another reason for the lack of blog. I spent some time today catching up. I have posted entries for Puno, the Qorikancha and Tipon.

I have only a few more days here in Cuzco and will have to catch up with posting pictures of the other wonderful places I have been including Moray, a circluar agriculture site, Pisaq with an amazing back trail and the Inca salt collection site, Salineras. We'll see if things slow down enough to allow me to post more pictures.

On March 6, I fly back to Lima and on March 8, Musi and I fly to Rio, Brazil. We will be meeting up with our friend Diana and I will be in Brazil for another month.

All I can say is that "It's All Good."

Much love