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January 14, 2009
Flying to Lima, Peru with a touch down in El Salvador

At it again, back to Peru. Musi didn't have to do much convincing this year to get me to return to Peru with her. However it did take a bit of coaxing to get me to start the trip off with a trip to the beach and end it with a month in Brazil. In the middle we will be staying for a month in Cuzco, the place I really want to be. Meanwhile, we pass through Lima staying with Musi's friends, Jorge, Ana and Carmela as we travel to our various destinations.

My trusty chauffeur, Deb, was willing to drive me to the airport again this year. We had the pleasure of Suzanne's company as well. As you can see from the pictures, I am traveling so light as usual.

Actually, I am happy that I brought my bag of oatmeal and my little pot with my plug in electric water heater. I have been able to make my favorite tea and have oatmeal for breakfast enjoying the latter with a local mango and some California raisins.

The flight this year was uneventful, smooth, fast and easy. Unlike last year, when we missed our connecting flight and spent the night in San Salvador--which was actually a blessing as it took $400 off of my ticket this year. The time at the airport in El Salvador was about an hour and our plane took off on time heading to Lima.

The view outside of the plane window around sunrise
before arriving to El Salvador.

When I landed at the airport in Lima this year, there was a gigantic difference from last year in my comfort and confidence level. Last year, Musi took a taxi to meet me at the airport and excort me back to Jorge's house. This year, I went to the baggage area, changed some dollars into Soles and waited for my bags. I was happy when they came around the bend and loaded them on to a cart and headed out of the airport.

Along the way there were several offers for a taxi and I waited for the right-feeling one and took the offer. I showed him the address and asked if he could get me there and how much would it cost. The answer was yes, and the price was right.

We had a bit of conversation along the way, as my Spanish came back to me. I am glad I knew that it was safe to get a taxi in the airport (there are high security measures around that) because as he made some turns down some small side streets getting to the coast road, and I didn't have to worry for my safety.

Soon we arrived and Musi was there awaiting me in the San Isidro district of Lima.

The sunrise coming through the plane window in front of me.

A lake aproaching El Salvador.