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The Quero Indios
Magical events seem to be a daily occurrence in Cusco, if you let them. I met Miguel while walking through the Streets today. He led me to special things and told me the Quero Indians of the Mountains of the Sacred Valley were meeting with some kind of officials from the Government. As far as I understand, it is about the land and the freedom of the Quero people. Miguel is working for the rights of these people.

We went to look for them, as he said he was being called. We tracked down where they were to be, but they had gone to lunch. So we did the same. Miguel took me to a rather hidden place where the locals eat. It was some sort of facility for elder people but anyone could eat lunch there in the cafeteria. For four soles, less than $2 each we had a piece of fried Yucca, with a delicious sauce, quinoia soup, and then—chicken with rice and lentils. Oh, yes, and chicha morrada—a non-alcoholic drink made from purple corn.

After we ate, we headed back to the cultural center. All the while, Miguel is telling me amazing stories of his life. He took flying lessons and became a pilot, many moons ago, living in San Jose, California while working at the caneries and as a waiter. After that he spent time in Hollywood as a stand-in actor, then became an engineer going to school in Prague.

We approached the building and the Quero were standing in front. The 3 of them were there representing their people. Miguel talked to them for a while and I gathered that he was talking to them about their rights and their land.

It was Miguel's idea to take the pictures and I was somewhat hesitant. They did agree to the pictures and were playful about it. As you can see we passed around the camera and then found someone to take a picture of all of us.

I love the feeling the picture of the hands to the sun. I often do that since my first visit to Peru. I can relate to Inti (the sun) and the Incas.

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