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Chinchero 2.21.09

From the bus on the way to Chinchero.

Step into the ruins at Chinchero

At Chinchero the terraces are actually being used go grow food.
I have not seen this at other ruins in the same way.
There is something very special about Chinchero. This town is being taken care of. There are weaving cooperatives here where the people are keeping alive the traditions of using natural fibers and dyes.

Wonder how they used this.

View from the inside of a cave looking out. In the womb
I feel the heartbeat of the mother...

Steps leading down to a creek.

View looking back up the staircase.

I met up with these local people who had been out all day with their sheep. As we walked along, I felt I belonged with them—and they welcomed me as one of them. This was one of my most treasured experiences in Cusco. So comfortable, so familiar.