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April 3, 2009
A Few More Scenes from Matutu

It turns out that my trip to Brazil has been a three week retreat in the countryside of Matutu, Minas Gerais, Brazil. I stayed in the house of Deva and her son Ravi. The first night that Diana and I landed there I commented that it was like an ashram and indeed it was. Flowers in vases, rose petals on tables, sitar music playing—together with a real family vibe with Ravi on his portable Nintiendo.

In an earlier post, I showed the waterfall. I didn't mention, however that it was about a 5 minute walk behind Deva's house. What a sanctuary! Below is a picture of a totally amazing tree from that area. The trunk starts on the right side of the river bank. It spans the water and touches down on a rock then rises into the sky as a full-on tree.

The big house, where I could connect to the internet was a hike almost up to the top of a mountain.

Here is another view looking out into the valley from there.

I think it was a blessing to not have the internet so easily accessable. It forced me to take a break from being on the computer so much. I still kept up with some client work on websites but I wasn't constantly plugged in. There was a kind of tranquility that transpired in Matutu.

All of the people were quite friendly even though there was very little English spoken. This also created a kind of retreat space as I couldn't be constantly in conversation. Musi and I stayed in different houses and even though we would go up to the big house together and to the river, we weren't always together.

One more picture inside the big house—the view from the table where we sat to use the internet. This will have to win the prize for the best internet cafe

And a pond below the big house with a unique water trough carved from a log

The swimming hole in Matutu

local inhabitants above and below