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Backtracking in the Blog to Peru 4.5.09
Saqsawayman 2.19.09

I'm on the bus from São Paulo to Rio to catch my plane home. I'm taking this time to backtrack to Peru. There were so many beautiful scenes that I didn't have a chance to post. The Saqsawayman ruins pictured below are on a hill high above the city of Cusco.

Looking out on the city from Saqsawyman

Here you can see the Plaza de Armas, the main plaza in Cusco.

I was drawn to stand in the curving corners of the walls.
The energy is very powerful here.

When it came time to descend these steps, my child came forward and I ran down the flight of steps taking a final jump to land.
Got to laugh out loud. Fun!

I was told this was the navel of the moon.

1, 2, 3... run!