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January 25, 2009
More Mancora

Today, I laughed in the ocean. I grew up as a river kid. The ocean has never been my first choice. It's scarey. And after those waves yesterday, I felt more cautious.

So today I played in the shallow water. Far away from where those giant waves might break too close for me to know what to do. Instead, today I got tossed around by the white water--but by little waves, and the worn out part of waves, as they hit close to shore.

The part that was the most fun was to turn my back to a wave that broke farther out and to be pushed towards the shore on my belly, clawing the sand with my hands and then be pulled back out in time to be tossed again toward the shore by the next one. It was fun, I had fun in the ocean. I laughed out loud as I played. Surprise...

For lunch today, Musi and I had Tiradito. It is a raw fish dish which actually was pretty good. (Well, a little bit and once in a while, for me.)

Those are sweet potatoes on the side.

Before bringing the fish they brought a bowl of chifles and cancha. (Banana chips and fried corn kernals.)

The view from the table where we had lunch.

We went for our third Salsa class today. I think I am kinda like a clumsy puppy falling over her feet. And what move is next? And how does that one go? In any case, I am giving it a try and will know a little more than when I started when it is time to board the bus to Lima.

Today I took some pictures of our dance teacher, Luz. She called in a neighbor boy to take a picture of all three of us. Musi pointed out that he wanted me to take his picture which I did.

Afterward, I found out it was the first picture
ever taken of him is his life.

This is where I sit to be connected to the internet
so I can send you this blog--and work while I am here.

View of the street in Mancora. Those are the moto taxi's I mentioned before. Costs 1 sol for a ride, that's about 33 cents.
More street views follow below.

Angela's Place is a vegetarian restaurant where I was challenged this morning to describe soft boiled eggs when the waitress didn't understand huevos pasados. I finally said in Spanish, "I have an idea, they are like hard boiled eggs only they are just cooked for 4 minutes." That worked, and they came to me just how I wanted them.
She also has some pretty good yogurt with mango. Yum!