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Chinchero Market

Ever see the oranges stacked like this at the farmer's market?

This is Mercedes, the owner of the apartment where I stay in Cusco with a friend of hers from Chinchero.

Chinchero is a Pueblo where the arts of weaving, spinning and using natural dyes are being kept alive. There are several collectives where the people are doing this. Above is a picture of the dye pots on top of the clay stove.

A Chinchero Señora next to a stack of these "modern" traditional weavings.

A Vicuña, happy resident of Chinchero.

We sat with these girls for quite a while. The one on the right just got her hair French braided by the other. What I notice over and over again, is that the people of this area, particularly the children, are very happy. They play and laugh a lot.

View looking into the Sacred Valley on the way from Chinchero to Urubamba. Here, the taxi drivers will pull over so you can take pictures, so diffffferent.