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Haven't made it online yet, so here is another entry
of our first couple days at:


On the second day, I went for a walk just behind the house where Diana and I are staying. This beautiful waterfall is what is there.

Below, are scenes around the waterfall.

While I was there, it started to rain. I did not bring an umbrella as I like to be in the elements especially so close to home
where I can go and get dry. I sat under the protection of trees
for a while and kept my eye on this spot on the river bank.

It began to rain harder and I headed for this rock overhang.
It wasn't quite a cave but it sheltered me from the rain. I decided I could sit there as long as I wanted to and wait for the rain to stop.
Which, I did — and I stayed dry.

View from the inside looking out.

The next day, Musi took Diana and I to another spot.

Immediatedly after we arrived, it started pouring.

Musi and I had a grand time hanging out on this rock with our umbrellas. The trail we came down became rivulets
in the matter of minutes.

After leaving the river we walked up to the big house.
Below, you will get an idea of the interior.
All of the houses I have been in so far are built with
love and nature harmonizing. A lot of wood, rock, adobe, clay roof tiles— every aspect of the houses show connection to the earth.

A screen made of branches— in front of the bathroom doors.

My idea of a good beam. I can see it now
with a huge copper face, arms stretching high.

Familiar feel?

Views from the big house.

Notice the waterfalls.

The red brick road I mentioned earlier.

This morning, I was following this butterfly to see how close I could get.
I kept moving closer and was surprised that it didn't fly away
until I saw what it was doing.

I got lucky.

A few scenes below of the front of the house
where Musi is staying with Marcia.

Yes, love and nature harmonizing
and singing a beautiful song, at that.