Lima • January 31, 2008

Several days have passed and I have become a bit familiar with Lima and it's surrounding areas. We walked to the local market grocery store, and strolled along cliffs above the Pacific close to the house. We ventured out on the town on Sunday for lunch in Barranco. There were many booths serving different Peruvian cuisine. We enjoyed Coulsa, a mashed potato dish with crab in the middle and Palta Rellena, a type of salad with avocado, green onions, mexican corn (very fat kernals) and mabye some tomato too.

After lunch we walked around the town, checking out local vendors selling mass produced crafts. You will see the cotton candy and candy apples for sale, but not the vendor who slipped behind his goods when I lifted my camera.

Musi's friends let us camp out in their living room/common area. They live in a suburb of Lima called San Isidro. In the beginning, I was very confused as to what day of the week it was as I was supposed to arrive on Friday and it was really Saturday. In those first couple of days Musi and I walked to the nearby market and had a stroll on the cliffs above the beach. Pictured you can see the greenhouses near the water's edge.

February 2, 2008

I must confess, a few days passed and I never finished with the Lima chapter. We are now in Puna cellebrating witnessing the celebrations for la Fiesta de la Virgen de la Candelaria. For now, I will put up a few more pictures for Lima and start a new chapter with the trip to Puno via Juliaca. You will find pictures there, and for now they will have to tell the story.