Copperwoman with the Ollantaytambo ruins in the background


1. Sittin’ here in my room, playin’ a little tune
Chorus: Life is pretty good
Sittin here in my room, singin’ a little tune
Life is pretty good

2. It’s so fine to realize, The universe is on my side

3. Everything that comes my way
Gives me a chance to pray

4. Not much is comin’ along
To keep me from singin’ a happy song

do do ta do...

5. Time is movin’ oh so fast
I’m not livin’ in the future or past

6. I give thanks right here and now
For everything I’ve learned somehow

7. I feel so fortunate these days
For answers to prayers, in so many ways

8. Been a long time comin’ to feel this way
Used to wonder if I wanted to stay do do ta do...

9. Lovin’ every part of me
Is the key to livin’ happily

10. By lovin’ me, I’m lovin you
That’s all there is to do.    do do ta do...

Life is pretty good (repeat)
Life is pretty, life is pretty, Life is pretty good

© Cw 9.25.12