Copperwoman’s Healing Journey with Cancer

Healing Journey July 2004

By Copperwoman Saso | July 10, 2004 | Comments Off on Healing Journey July 2004

Here is the story from the beginning of the Western Medicine Part of my Healing Journey… July 10, 2004 • Day After Surgery ~ Dear family and friends Today is the day after surgery and I am writing to tell you of the amazing experience in the hospital. It’s kinda long, but for those of…

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Healing Journey August 2004

By Copperwoman Saso | August 11, 2004 | Comments Off on Healing Journey August 2004

August 11, 2004 • Light to the Lymphs! NEGATIVE NODES ~ Last Thursday, the 5th, I spent the day visiting the various UCSF locations in the city for a myriad of tests. They filled me with dyes and sent me through tunnels of light where they took pictures of my insides. More tests Monday of…

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Healing Journey September 2004

By Copperwoman Saso | September 2, 2004 | Comments Off on Healing Journey September 2004

September 2, 2004 • Dancin’ ~ Tonight I picked up Raven and we went to Debbie Nargi-Brown’s African Dance Class. We danced! Thought I was gonna do some “old lady dancin” but for the most part I turned up the energy. It felt so good to dance. I was a bit worried that I could…

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Healing Journey October 2004

By Copperwoman Saso | October 2, 2004 | Comments Off on Healing Journey October 2004

October 2, 2004 • Rest when you have to, Dance when you can ~ That’s what my friend Robert said to me as he hugged me one evening. I asked him where he got that, and told him that it described exactly how I felt. “Just came through you,” he said. It surely describes my…

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Healing Journey November 2004

By Copperwoman Saso | November 5, 2004 | Comments Off on Healing Journey November 2004

November 5 • Done with Chemo “Light” ~ It’s taking me a long time to finish this entry. I have a lot to say and it’s been a while. If it’s too long just do some skimmin.’ Week ago, Tuesday, Oct. 26, I had my last chemo. I bounced into the oncologist nurse’s office and…

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Healing Journey December 2004

By Copperwoman Saso | December 12, 2004 | Comments Off on Healing Journey December 2004

December 12 • It’s All Good ~  Somehow I thought that during this time of healing, I would slow down and I would have time for things. But as it has been, I have been going non-stop–and as I said at my concert, “I am healing throught energy, not rest.” Thus it has taken this…

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Healing Journey January 2005

By Copperwoman Saso | January 8, 2005 | Comments Off on Healing Journey January 2005

January 8 • Aloha At Last! Another long one…skim if you wish. First, let me tell you that my health is great. I am feeling very strong. There was a cold going around and it tried to catch me but I got away. I had threats of sore throat and was sneezy for a brief…

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