Annual Gratitude CircleSong 2021

By Copperwoman Saso | October 23, 2021

  Please join Debbie Nargi-Brown and Copperwoman for the annual Gratitude CircleSong. This year  we will gather via Zoom once more. Join in from the comfort of your own home. Debbie and I have been celebrating our Gratitude in song for about 17 years at this time of year.  I will miss being with all of you in person…

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Everybody Needs A Home

By Copperwoman Saso | October 19, 2021

Support our movement and sign the petition here. Help me keep my home on the wonderful land where I live now. My story After searching for a Tiny HOME SWEET HOME, I found one on beautiful land near Occidental with a wonderful community of like-hearted folks. I moved in on thanksgiving day in 2020. On August 18th of this…

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The Women's Healing Conference will happen again this year

May 16, 2020 @ Hidden Villa Ranch, Los Altos

CircleSong ~ Music is the Medicine

I was born to sing and it is my passion to gather people to sing together.

I am a song catcher. Songs come through me and exist to be shared. They offer wisdom and guidance and shine light on the path to awaken to our divinity.

I want to share love & harmony with you, with my simple songs that you can learn quickly, the ones that are born from our commonality ~ the ones we sing to support each other and to feel supported.

Copperwoman is a Technowitch

She can help you with your mac. Cw has a foot in the technology world as well as roots in the mother earth. She creates aesthetically pleasing websites and graphics—simple solutions and WordPress websites that you can maintain yourself.

Copperwoman took her first mac class in 1989 and later graduated from the first class in Computer Graphic Production from UC Extension in Santa Cruz. She mastered the art of print graphics first and jumped into the world of websites around 1999. Some years later, she adopted the WordPress platform and has spent years finding the software that would facilitate the creation of websites as she visioned them.

Check out her wordpress website work here.

Tiny Home view from loft

I created this collage on New Year's Day of 2020 with the intention of having a home by the end of the year. I am now living in my new tiny home: The Quail's Nest. (photos forthcoming)