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  1. All I Can Do Now
  2. Becoming two, to know that we are one
  3. Bless this food I put into my body
  4. Bring your love, bring your gratitude
  5. Call on me, I’ll call on you
  6. Can we be here?
  7. Come together now
  8. Crawling out of my skin
  9. Darkness Darkness
  10. Down, down, down deep in the earth
  11. Dear Sister we offer you
  12. Don’t Know Where Life will Take Me
  13. En Las Montañas
  14. Enter gently dear ones
  15. Every problem has a solution
  16. For some reason you came to me
  17. Gonna climb the Mt.
  18. Grow, grow beyond
  19. Have I learned
  20. Hey, take a look at yourself
  21. Hold wholeness holy
  22. Hopin’ to be with you again soon
  23. I am here for you
  24. I am in perfect timing
  25. I am here reminding you
  26.  I am whole, I am happy, I am healthy
  27.  I am your instrument
  28.  I Call Upon the Light of the Universe
  29.  I can cry from deep down
  30.  I carry peace in my body
  31.  I command all cords attached to my body
  32.  I don’t need anything
  33.  I’d like to be your friend
  34.  I fell down but I’m ok
  35.  If you go out on a cloudy day
  36.  I give back, I give back
  37.  I live in a tipi
  38.  I’ll do what I can to make it happen
  39.  Illuminate my heart
  40.  I love my baby
  41.  I love my dad
  42.  I’m getting over
  43.  I’m good enough and I always have been
  44.  I’m one with you, and you’re one with me
  45.  I offer you, you offer me
  46.  I Open My Heart
  47. I open to feel the love of the father
  48. I release what I don’t need any more
  49. I see the divinity in you and me
  50. I Shine My Light
  51. I Surrender into the Beauty of My Soul
  52. It’s down by the tracks
  53. I used to feel left out
  54. I Wake Up in the Morning, Give Thanks
  55. I wanna Hold You
  56. I wanna pray for the people I know,
  57. I wish you Abundance, abundance
  58. Know Who You Are
  59. La la la la la la love
  60. Let me be a container
  61. Let yourself be loved
  62. Life is So Precious
  63. Listen to your heart
  64. Love makes the world go round
  65. Mama Ocean
  66. May I Be Still
  67. Mother in the Raindrops
  68. My Heart Beats to the Rhythm
  69. My Turn to Hold you as you held me
  70. Nothin’s gonna take it
  71. Oh bone marrow
  72. Oh Grandmother
  73. Oh rock, do you want to come
  74. Oh who will sing with me
  75. Older, Wiser, Stronger, Lighter
  76. One Being, One Love
  77. One voice, one light, we are family
  78. On the upward journey of the Spiral
  79. Our Karma is comin’ to get us
  80. Please don’t hold me how you saw me
  81. Power is the right of the maiden
  82. Purify my being, prepare me to serve
  83. Raising up to Father Sky
  84. Rio Rio Mi Amor
  85. Say goodbye to the sister circle
  86. Send you love, surround you in light
  87. Sisters you give me courage to carry on
  88. Sittin’ here in my room, playin’ a little tune
  89. Some day I’ll be all that I can be
  90. Sometimes I just want to give up
  91. Soy de la tierra
  92. Spirit, I know, you hear me calling
  93. Stand Not Alone
  94. Standing By the River in Lockdown
  95. Stories are stored in the stones,
  96. Surrender to An Open Heart
  97. Take A Chance
  98. Thank you for calling us all here together
  99. Thank you for guiding me
  100. Thank you Goddess
  101. Thank you, thank you for this journey
  102. Thank You, thank you, thank you
  103. The angels are callin
  104. The plum’s settin fruit
  105. There’s a circle surrounding
  106. There’s something going on
  107. They paved the way for us today
  108. They’re Gonna Radiate Me
  109.  Time has come around again
  110.  Transform negativity, into positive energy
  111.  Uniting one with another
  112.  Walking hand in hand with Spirit
  113.  Walking in Integrity
  114.  We all just wanna be loved
  115.  We are ancient, we are now
  116.  We are your family
  117.  We Each Carry Unique Medicine
  118.  We Gather Together to Share
  119.  We gotta give thanks
  120.  We offer you, this potion of love
  121.  We pray for your divine adjustment
  122.  What else is there to do
  123.  When I look at life
  124. With My Breath
  125. Would you care to sit with me
  126. You always know
  127. You touched my life

Updated 5.6.22

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