A poem that came as I walked around the temple of the Dalai Lama in Dharmasala. It was inspired by this statue of Saraswati, who has no instrument where usually there is one. I said “She is the instrument.” And true of myself too.



1. I am your instrument, Play your song through me
Perfection of light and dark, And human frail-ity
Perfection of light and dark (3x)
And human frail-ity

2. Consistantly delivering, Verses of love
For all that is human, Below and Above
For all that is human (3x),
Below and Above

3. May I sing your song, With utmost clarity
Shining your light, With pure simplicity
Shining your light (3x),
With pure simplicity

4. So that your love may touch, All within reach
And wisdom of heart, Continue to teach
Wisdom of heart (3x),
Continue to teach

5. Us to open to guidance, And hear the call
To use our sight, To see Divinity in All
Divinity in All (repeats)

©Copperwoman 1.17

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