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Counting Our Blessings  • Have I Learned • I Release • Send You Love • Oh Bone Marrow • I’m Radiant • Drink of Water • Bless This Food • Grow • Hold Wholeness Holy • Totally • Thank You For Guiding Me • Someday • Thank you Goddess • I Turn My Light On

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Copperwoman is a breast cancer survivor. She worked with natural healing methods for a year, and took on the task of loving herself and life to stay alive. During this journey she found the key ingredients to her healing were positive attitude and gratitude.

After the tumors would not leave her body, she decided to enter into the western healing world. Into that world, she took her magic and positive faith in her ability to heal. Over the course of her journey she turned her inspired guidance into healing songs.

“Gratitude” is a gift to all of us who are traveling the road of life with its myriad challenges. Joining Copperwoman on this recording are Beth Brown, Samantra and Sudhananda. It was recorded, mixed and mastered at Dragonfly Studio in Redway, CA by Sudhananda.