afraid of bugs • monster • ants • ladybug • caterpillar • polliwog • bodies• lizard • oh dear • zoo • banana slug • only one of me • that egg • rocking chair cloud • shining bright • do you have a pet? • skunk • black widow • gopher skeeters • spider web • bumble bee • warts • where is your nose? • I’m growing • seed • water falling • wrap your arms round me • I’ve got a mom • occupations • kinda funny • all I really want to do • enter gently

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“These songs were there, knocking on the door. I just happened to be around and let them in.” This recording was originally produced in 1980. Carolyn Saso (Copperwoman) was the mother of a preschooler and working with young children at the San Lorenzo Valley Children’s Center in Ben Lomond, California.

When interviewing for her job at the children’s center, she stated that she would like to write “new” songs for children—songs with positive ideas and catchy tunes that would have children singing lyrics that fed positive self esteem and appreciation of nature.

And that’s exactly what happened. It was a prolific time. In the course of 2 years she “brought through” over 50 children’s songs. The first 34 are on “Knocking on the Door” and the next 19 make up “Let’s Sing Together.”