Peru 2016

Peru 2016

Taking Off

By Copperwoman Saso | March 31, 2016

Left San Francisco March 31 at 7am. We left on time and all was well. I was able to put my beloved guitar in an overhead bin with the plane blankets to keep it safe and cozy. From SFO we flew to San Salvador, the capitol of San Salvador. It was a pretty short and…

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Sleepers in the Lima Airport

By Copperwoman Saso | April 1, 2016

So I arrived in the Lima airport, made it though customs and the luggage scans unscathed. I first enjoyed an ice cream at 4D in honor of Musi who brought me to Peru in the first place. Then I wandered the airport for hours looking for a place where I could sleep. I spent a…

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Pisaq the First Day

By Copperwoman Saso | April 3, 2016

A little walk into town to get some food for dinner. Ah, Pisaq. Hover over the images to see a caption and click to enlarge.

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La Chakana, Home for April

By Copperwoman Saso | April 7, 2016

I have returned to La Chakana where I stayed last year in PIsaq. I requested the same room with a beautiful view of the Ruins. You will see below. Once again there is a wonderful household of people. We have made beautiful meals together and have done a lot of music. Cooking and singing–how wonderful! Today…

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A Trip to Cuzco

By Copperwoman Saso | April 9, 2016

I took a collectivo to Cuzco from Pisaq to do some shopping in San Pedro market. I like to get off the collectivo at the entrance to Saqsaywaman and walk down into town. I stopped at a shop looking for a bathroom and had a great time with a woman showing me her weavings and…

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Views from La Chakana

By Copperwoman Saso | April 10, 2016

The first five times I came to Peru I stayed in Cuzco. In 2013, I found some friends in Pisaq. I was priviledged to do a firewalk and meet an international bunch of hippies. I decided at that point, after walking to town in the presence of the beautiful Pisaq Ruins, that the next time…

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The Path to Qigong

By Copperwoman Saso | April 12, 2016

Sane, the woman who was managing La Chakana last year when I stayed here, offers a Qigong class a few times a week down by the river. These pictures show the corn fields we walk through to get there as well as the canal that we balance on the edge of to reach our destination…

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A Trip to Lamay

By Copperwoman Saso | April 16, 2016

Lamay is a few villages away from Pisaq. I was invited to go there and do a temascal which is a sweat lodge. I got off the bus in Lamay and was supposed to meet another woman to go together. I wasn’t sure I was in the right place and being early, waited for her…

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