A Trip to Cuzco

I took a collectivo to Cuzco from Pisaq to do some shopping in San Pedro market. I like to get off the collectivo at the entrance to Saqsaywaman and walk down into town. I stopped at a shop looking for a bathroom and had a great time with a woman showing me her weavings and teaching me a bit more about what’s what. Sometimes it is hard to get accurate information about what the textiles are made of and how old they are. We had a great time. I then ventured past the ruins on a trail I know so well with Saqsaywaman off in the distance. At the bottom of the hill I had an orange juice and continued my journey into town.

I went by the Claro cell phone store to get a sim card for my phone for the first time ever. There were long lines but somehow what I needed didn’t take long to get. I am not sure why all of the other people were standing in long lines and I didn’t need to. Oh well, thank you.

I took a slight detour to buy a tamale from a woman who is always on the same corner of the San Francisco Plaza—some things change slowly. I like the familiar. Then I went looking for Mercedes, the owner of the Apartments where Musi and I used to stay in Cuzco, but she was in Lima till May.

On to the San Pedro market, a great place to buy dried fruit and nuts so I stocked up. I have been going to the same woman for years and she made sure to let me know she was giving me a discount. I have been making cashew and walnut milk as well as chocolate with gooseberries and golden raisins thanks to her.

On my way through the streets I passed this man with his faucet display. I guess that is what he was selling. Not a site I would ever see in Cali.

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