A Trip to Lamay

Lamay is a few villages away from Pisaq. I was invited to go there and do a temascal which is a sweat lodge. I got off the bus in Lamay and was supposed to meet another woman to go together. I wasn’t sure I was in the right place and being early, waited for her to come, hoping I was at the right Paradero (bus stop). It started to rain and I took some shelter in a overhang nearby. I kept watching and soon she showed up. I crossed the street and said, “let’s take a taxi, I will pay.” I was not keen on getting soaking wet. However, I did finally agree to make the walk. Betty carried my guitar which really helped. And my faithful red hat acted like an umbrella and I stopped and put on my new wool poncho. As we walked down the road, Betty turned around and saw a double rainbow (which you can see pictured below).

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As we got closer to the Hacienda, I became certain this was the very same place I had visited in 2009. At that time it was Casa de Milagros, an orphanage. Wonder what happened to that? Below you will see the horses that live on the land, the temazcal (sweat lodge), the fire pit the morning after, the yurt we slept in and the holy apus (mountains) surrounding us.

Another long walk to get back to the main road to catch a bus to Pisaq. I could see the bridge in the distance. I came upon some men making adobe bricks. I took a picture and I think maybe the man was asking me for money. I didn't have any change. I walked closer and he asked me if I played the guitar. Said yes, and broke it out and sang "Don't Worry About A Thing." His eyes lit up, I said Bob Marley and he nodded. One of his fellow workers joined us and began dancing. So of course, I joined him. We had a great time. Below you can see some views of the adobe bricks including one shot from the bridge. That's the Urubamba River running by.