Client News 6.20.19

News from Copperwoman Design 6.20.19

  1. Don’t let the scammers get you!
  2. ICDSoft News emails
  3. SSL certificates
  4. Site design update

The world wide web isn’t what it used to be.

Scammers might try to get you to switch to their web hosting service

A couple clients have let me know that they were scammed by a company posing to be their website host. They actually paid money to the other company and were not able to get it back.

Don’t be fooled

Your renewal notices will always come from

ICDSoft Account Department:

You may also get an email from a domain listing service, these are also spam, trying to get you to renew a service that you are not even subscribed to. If you read what the email says, you will see that it is about domain listing.

Don’t fall for it.

When you do renew, most of you will be renewing with the economy plan as your website doesn’t have enough content to need a business site. It you are already on the business plan, chances are you had to upgrade because your site grew so renew at the business plan.

And about your domain name

If your domain name is registered with another company besides ICDSoft, be sure and renew it when you get the notice. A few people have lost their domain names by not renewing with the registrar when it was registered with another domain name service. If your name is still registered with another service, we can transfer it to ICDSoft so everything is in one place.

I monitor renewals and if I see that for any reason you haven’t renewed by the final date, I will send you an email to remind you or see if you have decided to let go of the current ICDSoft hosting.

A note about ICDSoft newsletters

A while ago, ICDSoft began to send newsletters out to all of their accounts. I have unsubscribed most of you as I figure you probably aren’t interested. (let me know if you want me to op you back in.) If you still receive the newsletters, you can unsubscribe at the bottom. ICDSoft is constantly improving their hosting service.



SSL Certificates

Are you concerned when you see your site says “not secure” in the url?

In order for that warning to disappear, you need to have an SSL certificate. They are free with ICDSoft hosting. If your site is still giving this message and you would like to have me install the free SSL Let’s Encrypt certificate, please email I will charge at my usual rate to install the certificate and make any adjustments the site needs to go from http to https. (this time will vary depending on the site of the website).


Ready for A Website Remodel?

Web design is changing all of the time! Some of your websites are over 15 years old. Ready for something fresh?

Check out my more recent website designs.
Contact me if you want to explore a fresh new look.