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Awakening the Illuminated Heart

Katrina Weaver, my housemate and I are delighted to be hosting the Awakening The Illuminated Heart workshop in Sebastopol. This workshop is part of Drunvalo Melchizedek’s “School Of Remembering” called as such because deep inside we already know all this information, we are just Remembering who we really are. Affectionately called a “Galactic Superhero Training” workshop we…

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River Guidess July 4th weekend Camp

I’ll be singing at this wonderful event! Join me and get a discount when you register! There will be 4 slots available at the early bird price if you register before June 19. Use the code: CRG2014S-4 July 3-6, 2014 ~ As One We Flow (for more info and to register, follow this link) Stanislaus River, Oakdale,…

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Singing to the Whales April 6 in Santa Cruz

April 6, 4-5pm, Lighthouse Point-Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz West Cliff Let all mammals Sing Together! The humpbacks & greys are here in our glorious Monterey Bay. Join Sound Healers Michele Newman & Shira Stone, along with Community Treasure, Singer Gail Swain and Ritual-Maker-Song Shaman, Copperwoman, as we communicate with our sea relations through our most…

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Singing at Spring Camp: Ecstatic Exchange

I will be singing thoughout the this 5-day event in the Santa Cruz Mts. near Los Gatos. It is my first time to attend this event and it sounds like quite an exciting time. If you want more information click on the link below. Ecstatic Exchange: Living the Spirit of a New Culture April 10-15,…

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