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River Guidess July 4th weekend Camp

I’ll be singing at this wonderful event! Join me and get a discount when you register! There will be 4 slots available at the early bird price if you register before June 19. Use the code: CRG2014S-4

July 3-6, 2014 ~ As One We Flow (for more info and to register, follow this link)

Stanislaus River, Oakdale, CA

This 4th of July, let your inner child out to play ~* ~*

This summer camp is the one you dreamed of as a kid!

Enjoy comfortable shaded “glamping”on velvet lawns, gentle river rafting, swimming, yoga, meditation, various forms of conscious & ecstatic dance, massage and bodywork, hot showers, gourmet organic meals, and so much more. Yes ~ Paradise has been found on the Stanislaus River, an easy drive, just 90 minutes east of Oakland Airport and the San Francisco Bay!

Conscious men, women, and kids of all ages will enjoy exclusive access to a magical, private riverfront estate that few ever get to see, let alone be for an entire holiday weekend. You’ll discover sandy beaches, hammocks & rope swings galore, exotic statues, a temple made of redwood trees, plants carved into topiaries, and more surprises at every turn.

Swim in gentle currents, feel the warm breezes on your skin ~* ~*

Nurture your body, open your heart, soothe your soul and connect with people of like mind and spirit. This will become one of your most treasured memories in this lifetime! We’re along the road from San Francisco to Yosemite, so you might include a trip to the Park in your plans.

“The ultimate weekend, with an abundance of joy-filled, rejuvenating, connecting activities that so much exceeded anything I could have dreamed of … Incredible food, a location that defies description, activities that are as deep as they are joyous. And so well organized! I was deeply moved and so grateful to have been able to be here. I will definitely spread the word and see you next year!”— L.Z., Corte Madera, CA


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