Singing to the Whales April 6 in Santa Cruz

April 6, 4-5pm, Lighthouse Point-Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz West Cliff


Let all mammals Sing Together! The humpbacks & greys are here in our glorious Monterey Bay. Join Sound Healers Michele Newman & Shira Stone, along with Community Treasure, Singer Gail Swain and Ritual-Maker-Song Shaman, Copperwoman, as we communicate with our sea relations through our most effective medium for transmitting Love, Healing & The Evolution of Our Planet!

Bring Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Bowls, Didgeridoos and other healing sound instruments. We will Ah, Ooh, Eeee, Om, Hu and Whale Sound together at our Lighthouse.

Come join Sound Healers, Community Singers and Everyone as we all raise our voices in Sounding Love & Beaming Light To The Whales and Healing to the Seas.