As I stood with you before
I stand with you now
Sisters of timeless ages
Our hearts beating as one
with the pulse of the mother
Celebrate the dark and the light
of equal value

Sing the praises of life on earth
Oh ancient sisterhood
We are together again
To greet the birth of a new day
The sun that always rises from the darkness
Forever confirming that light will come

I stand not alone
I stand with you
Supported by ancient stones
And earth beneath our feet

We wait patiently
with faith and full knowing
That the light always returns

The solidarity of ages
We stand together
The silent song of life unfolding
Weaving our love and wisdom together

I stand not alone

Come sisters to the temple of stone
Child, maiden, mother and crone (these lines by Julie Felix)

And even when the clouds come
And cover your light
They too pass
Letting the light of the sacred 
Shine again

With deep gratitude,