There’s A circle Surrounding • Stories Are Stored in the Stones • Oh Grandmother • I Offer You • Spirit I Know You Hear Me  • Would You Care To Sit with Me? • Nothings Gonna Take It • I Give Back Surrender To An Open Heart • Every Problem Has A Solution • We Gotta Give Thanks • Older Wiser • I’d Like To Be Your Friend

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How’d That Song Go CD


At the end of many gatherings where we’ve been doing a lot of singing, people will ask me, “How’d that song go.” This is a recording to answer that question for 13 songs. It was done quickly in a studio to meet an impossible deadline, so it is not highest “performance” quality. But it does have a lot of “character” and will certainly help you to learn several songs. All of Copperwoman’s songs are sing-a-long-songs. I welcome you to sing your heart out while listening to this recording—as well as all of the others—and have fun!