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Circle Surrounding • Sisters You Give Me Courage  • Ancient Mother • Return to the Womb • The River She Is Flowing • Mama Ocean • You Always Know • Deep Down • Oh Sayambei • Simply Trust • I Am Opening • I Am A Hollow Bamboo • I Open To Feel the Love • Born • Yana Hoeh • I Love My Baby • Older Wiser

Blessingway Songs CD


In October of 2005, Copperwoman gathered with a group of Midwives at Esalen on the central California coast and sang thoughout the weekend. She taught her original songs and shared well-known circlesongs. On the Sunday of that weekend they went to a studio in Big Sur and with 19 women singing, recorded 17 Ritual Music Songs to produce the CD, Blessingway Songs.

Read more about the event and the CD here.

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