Mi Casa

I am staying in a guest house that has 5 rooms. The manager lives in one of the rooms. The people in the other rooms are friendly and I am making a connection with a lovely woman names Zori. More about her in a minute.

You see here the view from the desk where I work, and the view from the other side. Then there is this beautiful deck with doors open to beautiful fields. And what are those other odd photos? Those are my towels hanging from the clothesline I strung on the outside of the deck. Another view out the window above my desk. And the fields out the window by my bed.

When I read Breading Sweet Grass, she talks about the 3 sisters–corn, beans and squash planted together. I was thrilled to see 2 of the sisters planted here, the corn and the beans. And one more photo of our house in the distance, approaching from the road coming back from Nidra Wasi.

Now, more about Zori, she took me to a woman’s circle yesterday. My favorite part of course was singing “Bless this Food” before we ate and singing songs by the fire. The last 3 photos are views from Taray looking back towards La Rinconada, the area where I am staying and the fire.

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