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My story

After searching for a Tiny HOME SWEET HOME, I found one on beautiful land near Occidental with a wonderful community of like-hearted folks.

I moved in on thanksgiving day in 2020. On August 18th of this year, I was red-tagged by Permit Sonoma along with another alternative dwelling on this property. I had said that if that ever happened I would stand up for myself and work to be able to stay. And I knew deep down I couldn’t pull it off alone, but trusted that if the time came, the allies would come to assist.

And this is what has happened. Jonathan Greenberg has come forward and is leading us in a movement to change the regulations that govern alternative living spaces that are UnPermitted by Permit Sonoma. We are bringing the situation to the Sonoma County Supervisors and have already had a favorable meeting with Linda Hopkins and Leo Chyi.

We intend to present our petition to the Board of Supervisors along with a video of my happy home, garden and surroundings–in order to show them the widespread agreement of the need for a change in the law.

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Thank you, Copperwoman