Benefit Circlesong for the Campaign to “Stop All Government Evictions”


Well after searching for a Tiny HOME SWEET HOME, I found one on beautiful land near Occidental with a wonderful community of like-hearted folks.

I moved in on thanksgiving day in 2020. On August 18th of this year, I was red-tagged by Permit Sonoma along with another alternative dwelling on this property. I had said that if that ever happened I would stand up for myself and work to be able to stay. And I knew deep down I couldn’t pull it off alone, but trusted that if the time came, the allies would come to assist.

The SAGE (Stop All Government Evictions from Safe Affordable Homes) campaign, organized by investigative journalist, Jonathan Greenberg and joined by other friends, was created to work for a change to the arcane Sonoma County law that still prohibits compost toilets. Such toilets are allowed in other counties in California and several states such as Washington, Colorado and New Mexico. However, over 100 people have received eviction notices in the last year for their alternative low-income homes in rural Sonoma County that are not hooked up to septic or sewer systems. The story and a video of me and my Tiny Home can be found here:

There will be a fundraiser to raise awareness as well as some funds to help support the efforts of SAGE and help to ease the burden of fines that have amounted to thousands of dollars since my tiny home, with its composting toilet, was red-tagged by Permit Sonoma in August.

We will sing together live at the Arlene Francis Center (outside if weather permits). I will be joined by world-renowned musician Bob Culbertson playing Chapman Stick, Handpan and Didgeridoo, and his wife Andy and her melodic tunes.

Sign the petition here. Donate via paypal or venmo.