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What is CircleSong?

All are invited to come together and feel our unity with each other and Spirit through Song.

Music IS the Medicine.

Come, bring yourself with you. Whether you think you can sing or were told to just "move your lips" in class when you were young, you can feel safe to open up in this Circle.

There will be songbooks with lyrics. The songs are simple and easily learned—collected circlesongs and many brought through by Copperwoman.

Feel the vibration raise and the prayers sent where they are needed in the universe as we sing together and feel the DIVINE in the silence that ensues.

Love makes the world go round. Come feel it!

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"Copperwoman felt like a gift from the divine. A very special moment!"
—from a participant at Soul Village September, 2023.


"Sister, many blessings of gratitude for the beautiful music you compose and share with the people so in need of healing through song! I have listened to all of your albums from the kidz playful melodies to the newest images of light in sound and I ALWAYS feel uplifted, openness in my heart, and excitement for the journey of life when I listen to your works.

I making big transitions in my life right now, and I've been drawing strength from your songs, and finding strength within as I sing along!!!!"   —Mori

"Your songs awakened us, helping us bring our full consciousness to the present moment. Your songs follow a natural chanting rhythm, with melodies that are quickly grasped, so other voices may join in and participate with ease. I deeply appreciate your intuitive sense to bring forth a particular song as it related to the themes that arose in the circle conversation. This also acknowledges, Copperwoman, how your music speaks to the rich variety of life conditions, and the deep needs of the human heart. Thank you again for gracing our Circle with your art."
—L. Oliver

Copperwoman singing with a group