Copperwoman singer

I want to sing with you and your friends & your family and your spirit family and people you know who have cancer and midwives & women who are getting ready to have babies and people who are getting ready to die & their families. I have CD’s available of helpful songs.

I want to teach you songs to sing with yourself & the people in your life~songs about OUR lives~the challenges we face and integrate, the ones that make us stronger, clearer & more loving. They just might be able to help you with your journey.

CopperwomanOCF1croppedI want to sing for your workshop when you need songs to begin & transition & end and songs that unify your group.

I want to share love & harmony with you, with my simple songs that you can learn quickly~the ones that are born from our commonality, the ones we sing to support each other and to feel supported.