Copperwoman & Diana Egizi Song Medicine

Song Medicine flyer

Join songstresses Copperwoman & Diana Egizi for an afternoon of song medicine!

Copperwoman & Diana will share original songs & chants they’ve received and teach them to the group to sing along.
Some with instruments and some acapella, these songs were born to en-courage, uplift & inspire 🙂
Bring water, snacks & anything you want to be comfortable – we’ll update you as the date approaches about whether we will be in the dome or outside.
No singing experience or expertise required – come as you are & express your authentic sound! As Copperwoman sings: “Let your spirit shine through as the true you!”

Diana Egizi is a sacred vocalist, soul-songstress, women’s vocal embodiment guide & ceremonial cacao priestess devoted to awakening transformative Love in service to personal & collective healing.
Through a range of song & sound offerings, her voice activates multi-dimensional healing as she channels dynamic frequencies, ranging from the angelic realms to the deep undercurrents of Mother Earth.
Her soul-songs serve as invitations into the heart, creating a sanctuary for authentic presence, divine grace & inspiration.
Currently located in Sebastopol, CA, she is available to offer sacred sound, song & cacao ceremonies, as well as 1:1 Cacao Embodiment Journeys for individuals seeking personalized ceremony to dive within, explore & integrate through somatic inquiry & expression.
She also offers workshops & 1:1 vocal embodiment sessions (and mentorship) for women, in person and online, through Soul Voice Alchemy.

Follow her on IG: @artemis_awake
Spotify & SoundCloud: as Diana Egizi
“Open your heart, Let your voice come through, Just the way you do it, Nothing to compare to.” Copperwoman has been gifted in this lifetime to “catch” songs for us—for people who want to sing together to raise the collective vibration in a prayerful way, and for those who might be afraid to sing. She offers a safe space in which to find your voice and express that which lives within and wants to come out vocally.

Download CDs:
Spotify and Apple Music: Copperwoman

1723 Sextonview Lane, Sebastopol