Songs for Rituals and All Occasions

  • Gratitude


    Copperwoman is a breast cancer survivor. She worked with natural healing methods for a year, and took on the task of loving herself and life to stay alive. During this journey she found the key ingredients to her healing were positive attitude and gratitude.

  • Blessingway Songs CD


    In October of 2005, Copperwoman gathered with a group of Midwives at Esalen on the central California coast and sang thoughout the weekend. She taught her original songs and shared well-known circlesongs.

  • We Are Ancient We Are Now CD


    There is a longing to feel our connection to one another that prevails among many people today. Something deep in our hearts and souls that urges us to reach out for support and love—a desire to feel part of a greater family.

  • How’d That Song Go CD


    At the end of many gatherings where we’ve been doing a lot of singing, people will ask me, “How’d that song go.” This is a recording to answer that question for 13 songs.

  • Music is the Medicine CD


    Music is the Medicine is a Live Recording from a class that Copperwoman taught in May of 2010 at the Women’s Herbal Symposium in Laytonville, CA.

  • ComeUnitySing CD and Booklet


    This set is a CD of 46 MP3’s with a companion chord/lyric songbook. The songs are taken from various Copperwoman CDs. It also includes several songs that have never been recorded officially.

Original Children's Songs by Copperwoman