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Beauty of My Soul • Becoming Two • Bless This Food • Bring Your Love Bring Your Gratitude • Call On Me • Down Deep in the Earth • En Las Montañas • Goddess is the Universe • I Open My Heart • I Wanna Hold You • I’m One with You • LaLaLaLa Love • Life is Pretty Good • Listen To Your Heart • Mother in the Raindrops • My Turn to Hold You • Our Transformation • Perfect Timing • Purify My Being • Say Goodbye to the Sister Circle • Surrender to an Open Heart • Thank You for Our Life • They Paved the Way • We All Wanna Be Loved • We Each Carry Our Unique Medicine • What You Set Your Heart To • With My Breath

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Many songs have found their way into the world through Copperwoman. Her last official studio recording was many years ago and the songs kept coming. This CD is a collection of the "unrecorded" songs. In the same fashion as many Copperwoman songs, they are very singable and hopefully they will be inspiring for you.

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